Lookout Mobile Security App

Lookout is a company that makes it their business to predict and prevent mobile security attacks before they have a chance to invade mobile devices. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and 60 million people are all turning to Lookout for protection. This is just a small list of their users.

Lookout Mobile Security App

Mobile Protection

To find your phone, you simply access your account using the email address you used during the Lookout App registration process. Here you will also be able to look at your backed up data, and manage your connected devices from anywhere.

Free Features:

  • Continuous, real time scanning and protection from adware, malware, spy app, keylogger and viruses.
  • Find your lost or stolen device and sound an alarm even if the phone is on silent.
  • Save the location of your phone if the battery is low, so it isn’t lost once it dies.
  • Backup your contacts and download them to a computer for easy transfer to a new device.

Premium Features:

  • Receive an email with a photo if someone tries to access your device.
  • Block dangerous websites with Safe Browsing.
  • Lock your device remotely and wipe it clean of all of your data.
  • Privacy Advisor gives you clear information on what information your apps have access to.
  • Photo and call logs backup to the cloud.
  • Tech support.

Lookout is available for iOS, Kindle, and Android devices, so you are covered no matter which device you choose.

Theft Alerts

Theft Alerts

With the premium version of Lookout, you have access to powerful anti-theft features. You can set up the phone to send you an email with a photo attachment anytime someone enters an incorrect passcode, removes the SIM card, turns on Airplane Mode, turns off the phone, or disables the device’s admin features.

In addition to being able to remotely lock your device and wipe its contents clean, you can create a message to post on the lock screen. This is particularly useful if you know that you lost your phone and it wasn’t stolen. You can post a message that asks for help and notifies the finder that the phone is lost and how to contact you.

Around the Clock Antivirus

Lookout isn’t just any antivirus app. It makes sure that you are protected from all of the latest threats before they infect your device. The company predicts attacks before they ever happen, so you are completely protected. If, for some reason, something should get through and try to harm your device, Lookout alerts you and handles it appropriately so your data and personal information is always secure.

Lookout will scan the entire content of your phone when you install it. Then it continues to protect you each day you use your device and download apps.

Lookout has great free features for anyone to use to protect their mobile device. Its additional premium features are worth the price, because they further protect you and your data. Even if nothing tragic happens to your phone, you can have it back up to the cloud. This will make it easy to transfer your information to a new device. It is security and convenience all in one.