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Brad DykmanHey there, my name is Brad Dykman. I am a professional photographer who takes great pride in his work. I am the person you need to call for all your photo shoot needs whether you want pictures for your portfolio, family portrait, birthday, wedding or any other special event that you would like to get photos to ensure that memories last forever. With me, you can be assured that you will be getting high quality photos that you will be pleased with. All you have to do is give me a date and tell me exactly what you expect to get the best results.

I’ve been in the industry for 8 years now offering top notch services that come second to none. Photography is something that I really love having taking pictures since I was a young boy. My parents always remind me that I was never interested in other types of toys apart from cameras and was always clicking away whenever I had some free time. Everything around me excites me and I feel like the world should be made up of millions if not billions of photos that help to tell different stories especially for people who were not there.

In high school I was head of the photography club and was always taking different photos of things and at events to the extent that my friends thought I was crazy. College was an eye-opener for me as I majored in photography. This was actually the time I realized photography was running through my blood veins and I could not wait for the next class to see what the photography world had for me. Thanks to the high interest I had in the field, I managed to pass all my colors and graduated with honors.

photographerWith the skills I got in school, was able to start a small firm with just a camera, laptop and printer. This is where my dream began. I started off small by taking pictures of my friends and their friends. Most of the time I was doing couple photo shoots. My first event was my best friend’s graduation where I did an amazing job. Everyone I have worked with always recommended their friends to me as they are pleased with what they see at the end of the day. I could say that I live, breath and eat photography something that has made me become who I am today.

With time I have grown into one of the best brands when it comes to photography. I handle numerous projects that I attend to with precision to ensure clients get the best there is. My small studio grew into a full blown on and is still expanding to an extent I now have people who work under me. I never get tired of learning so as polish up my skills and make sure that I only offer the very best services.

Today I hold photography classes and always write insightful information on photography to help other people who want to flourish in the field get the wings they need to fly and become industry leaders.