sms trackerI am amazed these days when I walk into a shopping mall and see all of these teenagers with rather expensive smartphones in their hands. My parents would have never spent the kind of money that parents do today on kids and their smartphones.

What is even more incredible is that their level of human interaction is almost nothing. I watch them sitting on mall benches with heads hung and texting away on their devices. The only way one would know what they are saying would be to run an SMS tracker on their smartphones.

This Prompted Me

Then it hit me. My teenage daughter carries an iPhone that I gave her for her birthday a few months ago. When I saw these kids in the mall, it reminded me of how my daughter is these days. She is always texting away on her iPhone thus I realized it was time to get an SMS tracker.

Other Reasons

There were other reasons why I knew it was time to get an SMS spy app on her smartphone. To begin with, I trust my daughter but I know the power of peer influence and I know there are deceptive people out there. I would want to know if she was communicating with those via SMS who are:

  • Strangers
  • Sexual predators
  • Cyber bullies
  • Friends who are a bad influence

I also needed an SMS tracker to see if she was spending entirely too much time doing this and shirking responsibilities such as getting her homework finished.

When I Purchased the SMS Tracker

I purchased a software product with an SMS tracker feature as well as others such as call logging, GPS tracking, and logging of websites visited.

My product is subscription-based and I only need to pay a nominal fee every month. The app runs on my daughter’s smartphone and collects all SMS messages received or sent and forwards them to an area on the vendor’s server that I can view through a web-based control panel.

The app runs silently on her iPhone and she never has a clue that it is monitoring her activities. Also, when I installed it, I noticed that it left no icons that would reveal it was running.

What I Discovered

Once the software was installed, I saw some things that disturbed me such as:

  • She was chatting with certain friends about getting alcohol for an upcoming party.
  • Her ex-boyfriend was angry and threatening her via SMS.
  • Some stranger got her phone number and was trying to make contact with her.
  • She just spent entirely too much time on SMS.
  • I had cost overruns on my monthly cell phone bill because of too many SMS text messages.

The SMS tracker I purchased also monitored several instant messenger (IM) apps so I still saw what she was saying even though she used these alternate methods.

Did I Have Any Concerns?

In other words, was I worried that my daughter would be incredibly angry when I had to confront here with what I discovered via the SMS tracker? I didn’t worry a bit.

As a parent, I have every right and responsibility to know what is happening with my teenage daughter. Thus, if I use an SMS tracker to help me out, I am well within my boundaries as to parental responsibility.

These days, my daughter knows that the SMS tracker still runs on her iPhone. In a way, it acts as deterrent to mischief or misdeeds facilitated by a smartphone. Getting this software was the best decision I ever made.